Human ResourcesWelfare benefits

Welfare benefits

Support for comprehensive medical examination expensesProvide opportunities for early detection and treatment of illnesses for employees and immediate family members Recreational Facilities Support enjoyment of comfortable leisure activities
for members by providing opportunities to utilize
recreational facilities
School feesSupport childcare expenses employees preschool children Support for family eventGiving congratulation funds / condolence fund /
funeral products and holidays to communicate
congratulation or condolence following employee benefits_inand family special events.
Support for clubsProvide opportunities for employees to
socialize and develop healthy
Souvenir payment Give souvenirs to employees for birthday, anniversary benefits_inof company foundation, worker’s day,
New Year
Birthday party Every month, we organize a simple birthday benefits_inparty to celebrate the employees’ birthday, and present a gift certificate to the birthday person Support for organization cultural activity benefits_inexpenses Mentoring (between senior and junior level staff) benefits_inand activity expense support between
department / Support social gathering for colleagues
Support for education expense Support for various education expenses to improve employee work competency and experience development Best treatment of workers in overseas sitesEndowed with the best level wages in the industry
benefits_in(large enterprise level), dispatch duty allowance (separate payment of accommodation expenses), separate operation of welfare benefits system and
granting 14 days of holidays when worked with
company for 4 months